I consider Kaicho Peyman to be one of the most qualified instructors in martial arts that I have ever met.His dedication to his Arts is exceptional and his knowledge of various styles is unmatched.Most other instructors are limited to one martial art style while Kaicho Peyman is highly qualified in many styles such as  Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, Aikido, to name a few. wanting to learn any form or martial art while attaining high fitness with exceptional guidance to consider the International Jigokuryu martial Arts and Fitness organisation.


Peyman is a pretty impressive instructor and  has a lot of support and followers. He has black belt in five or six different styles and he achieved a lot and the other thing I really liked  it’s he was part of a university  study program with mechanical engineers , he  is a mechanical engineer, and some of his associates were physiologists , doctors , and looking at the way body works and harvesting the best techniques  from the all the styles around the world and sensitise them into “ Jigokuryu” , so this is really cherry picked the best of the styles and simplify them. one example, that I particularly like is jigokuryu form of armbar .Many styles use the amber , but in jigokuryu we use a different form of armbar which is truly more powerful and more comprehensive than any other styles I have experience with. To sum up , it is really about the procedure, synthesis and new approaches.


I definitely enjoy the classes it is mutualised different forms of martial arts, coming from karate to Aikido, weapons, boxing etc. It is nice to have verity and know that more confidence come from working different techniques every day. As for the competition, I definitely will be interested to participating in weapons such as bo, nun chaku, Katas,etc. .Definitely looking forward to it . One of the differences between Peyman’s classes other martial arts classes, is that other classes seem to be more commercialised and too many peoples where you can’t work as much as you can do in jigokuryu and peyman .The other thing I like about is that everything is broken down in the simplest form, so you can’t go wrong with further practice. Everything is broken down slowly and simply for anyone to practice.