Anti Bullying Program

School can be a tough place at the best of times but it is so much worse for those children who are also the victims of bullying. There are many strategies and techniques for handling bullies but there is only one sure-fire way to combat this serious issue, and that’s confidence.

Bullies go after ‘easy targets’, preying on the vulnerabilities of unsuspecting and unprepared individuals. In this context, martial arts is not about fighting – it’s about building character and a strong sense of self-worth so bullies don’t become a threat in the first place.

Anti Bullies Program

Not appearing frightened (even if you are frightened) and having the courage to look an oppressor in the eye is an essential life skill. PNN Martial Arts teaches children subtle but crucial body language, such as how to stand and how to maintain eye contact. Shy and quiet children who are often targeted, flourish under the proper guidance of expert tuition. Teaching your child how to stand so they don’t look submissive lets the bully know that your child is not intimidated by them. We believe that self-empowerment is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts for all children. Providing a safe haven that mirrors parental goals and ethics is a great start for children of all ages.